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The importance of biomechanics

The importance of biomechanics: The foot acts as the foundation for the rest of the body and is a highly complex organ of balance and propulsion, it influences all other motions of the body

The foot has two main functions:

1). Shock absorber: that adapts to any type of surface

2). Rigid Lever: that propels the body weight forward

During the gait cycle (below) the foot will adjust its position to perform its required task




At heel strike the foot contacts the ground in a slightly supinated position and will gradually move to a position of pronation to allow the bones of the foot to become loose and mobile

Pronation will allow the foot to shock absorb and adapt to the surface and supination will allow the foot to act as a repulsive lever

At mid stance the foot should be in a position of neutral which allows the foot to function effectively

The two key movements of the foot are

Pronation: a tri plane combined axial movement of dorsi flexion, eversion and external rotation

Supination: a tri plane combined axial movement of planter flexion, inversion and internal rotation


suprination                                               dorsi


Failure for the foot to achieve its two main functions at the correct time in the gait cycle allow abnormal loading to enter the close chain foot mechanics, as a result the foot joint performs abnormal ranges of movement, this directly impacts on the joints of the foot causing inflammation and irritation.

Some of the muscles may become fibrotic with poor tissue quality because of non-designed overuse

This will also add to further stress up the lower limb through the kinetic chain and can affect the hips, pelvis and lower back

If abnormal loading is present over a long period of time functional adaptation will occur in the osseous and soft tissue components of the musculoskeletal system

Therefore It is vital to address an individual’s biomechanics as it is accepted that all non- specific injuries have a biomechanical element to them, by addressing an individual’s biomechanics we can get to the root cause of the problem

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