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Post-operative pain

Whether you have had a shoulder surgery, achillies reconstruction or just a minor arthroscopic surgery, your body undergoes trauma as a result and must heal appropriately.

Relaxation and sports / deep soft tissue massage

You don’t have to have an injury specific problem to benefit from Physio. We offer both deep soft tissue and sports massages and well as relaxation massages to the comfort of your own home.

So whether you’re a keen runner who would benefit from regular maintenance sessions in order to facilitate you with your sport and for injury prevention purposes or if you just feel the need for a relaxing back massage then we can be of service.

Accidental injuries

Accidents happen on a daily basis and in a variety of ways. You could have fallen over at work or have sustained whiplash and various other aches and pains after a road traffic accident. At Physio2 you we will address your problems following the accident and not only will we treat but we will also educate you and guide you back to your full fitness.

Back Pain

Whether it be long term or short term there is always a root cause of pain. At Physio2 you we tick all the boxes we will not only assess and treat the soft tissues and the joints of the vertebrae but we incorporate a biomechanical assessment and complete holistic approach to our treatment. We will advise you on self-management and highlight any lifestyle factors which could be further contributing to your back pain.

Sports injuries

At Physio2you our therapists come from a range of sporting backgrounds, having either played a certain sport or worked as a treating Physiotherapist, so when it comes down to the treatment management and rehabilitation you can rest assured as all our therapists have a wide range of knowledge and experience.


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