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Tracey ( Borehamwood) - in early 2013 I was the victim of a car accident. The car hit the side of my vehicle at around 40 miles an hour, initially I was just in shock but that evening I started to experience severe neck pain and stiffness. I immediately went to the hospital who just advised me to take painkillers and assured me it would just go with time. Anyway days past and I was still finding it hard to sleep so I went to my gp who prescribed me stronger painkillers and told me these things ‘take time’

I was told by a friend that I should try physiotherapy; at first I was very apprehensive but I was willing to try anything at this point. So I saw Tom at physio2you, after the first session I felt immediate relief, my neck felt less restricted and less painful to move, albeit sore the next day which was to be expected and after a few sessions I felt back to my normal self. Each treatment session consisted of various massage techniques around the neck followed by some manipulations

I was educated in my recovery and felt at great ease with the treatment process

Thank you Tom

Rakesh- (Stanmore) - I initially went to Physio2you for some deep soft tissue work into my hamstrings and calf’s as I am a keen runner and this helps me with my training. I have suffered with my achillies for the best part of 2 years, particularly after long runs. I saw an NHS physio about 6 months ago who prescribed various exercises but I didn’t feel that they were that beneficial so when the therapist came to my home and started the deep soft tissue work it came into conversation about my achillies problems. He was confident that he could make an impact on this and I agreed to see him next week regarding the achillies.

The therapist took a completely new approach to the management and treatment of my achillies that I have not seen before he explained to me that it is linked with my ‘biomechanics’ and prescribed some orthotics and heel raises to go into my running shoes. He worked vigorously into the achillies and explained to me in great detail the injury that was taking place and how best to manage it. He explained the stubbornness of this particular injury and gave me a strict rehabilitation programme to follow.

I had huge confidence in the therapist throughout and would highly recommend to others.

Michael (Bushey) - I have suffered with lower back pain for a while but I put it down to the fact I do a lot of manual work and am constantly on my feet all day. Recently I started to experience some shooting pain into my right leg and this started to get worse.

I thought it best to get the ‘check over’ so I called Physio2you, following my assessment I was told I have ‘sciatica based symptoms and a lot of soft tissue irritation around the lumber spine’. The therapist ‘ clicked my back’ and did some sort of massage and even after the first session I felt it easier and less painful to bend down. The shooting pain has now stopped and I would say that my lower back is at least 80% better, I now see the physio monthly to help keep my back in order.

Sharon (Watford) - helped a lot, although I had to end up getting an injection with your advice, the physio treatment helped reduce my pain and manage my symptoms of the tennis elbow , thanks !


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